Friday, April 6, 2012

The Textures of Life

   Little wet noses nuzzle my hands as crunchy grains fall from my finger tips. Warm coats and soft ears great me with gratitude as loving I stroke the herd. A shock of cold startles- the hose fills poultry fountains; roosters brush my legs while their rough feet step on my toes.

   Hens start to gather stirring the dust in the coup. Doc's soft nuzzle greats me as hay is tossed in his stall; he nibbles me gently approving of his meal. The fuzz of his ears tickle my cheeks as a smile forms on my face.

   The warmth of a coffee cup soothes the chill from my hands- time to prepare breakfast for the family. Crisp egg shells crack yielding soft inner parts..butter sizzles and pops from the rough irons skillet. Soft bread turns crusty from toasting; butter oozes into every nook and cranny. Gathering round the table tender hands clasp in prayer.

   Each finds their task; my hands take up soft fabric- layers of a quilt needing my attention. A sharp needle is gently guided along lines and curves lending shapes that offer stability and beauty. Rough paper interrupts the task as a smooth pen replaces the sharp needle--time to grade lessons. Encouragement flows from hand to shoulder; a pat on the back for work well done.

   The in and out of a day yields it's textures; the contrasting touch of routine that lends comfort and contentment amidst a world of chaos.


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A Godly Homemaker said...

what a beautiful look at the tapestry of homesteading.