Friday, April 6, 2012

Back to the Prairie: A Little Glimpse

   Spring prairie days full of work and wonder kept us oh so busy; work and play were full of wonderful prairie sunshine. My grandmother worked hard and long getting the garden in and working her flower beds; rarely did I see her still. At her side I stayed quite busy....until distraction carried me to far corners of the farm for play and mischief.
   A full morning of bright sun and dry winds brought a longing for something cold; bare little feet carried me over the soft new grass toward the big farmhouse. Now, I have never been known for treading lightly...more for being told not to slam the door or to walk more softly, yet for some reason I paused at the screen door.
   Glancing in it seemed my grandmother was busy at something. It seemed a magical moment; something I had never seen. Daylight filtered through the window casting a gently glow over the scene. I held my breath to keep from interrupting this unusual moment.
   As quickly as it came, the magic of it went. Grandma straightened tall again, setting her determined look to her face, went about cleaning up and putting away before disappearing down the hall. Tip toeing into the house, gently creeping over to the big counter I discovered a work of wonder.
   There on the counter stood a beautiful sugar egg; so delicate and pretty. Soft pastel ruffles of frosting edged glittering walls of the sugar egg. Hidden ever so slightly inside a fluffy chick nestled in soft grass. I stood astonished at the wonder, in this moment I had seen a rare glimpse at my grandmother's tender side. 

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