Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WIP: Busy Hands All Around

   Gift giving season is creeping upon us causing busy hands all around. The corners of our home transform into little nests of activity..each creative mind has plans and purpose as the products they dream up pour through their hands into purposeful reality.

   My corner holds little prairie doll parts and their dress pieces...hopefully a few for the shop!

Nearby Jen has a knitting project in the works..well, plus a filet crochet piece and a commission scarf. We share scissors back and forth...chatting as we go.

Nik has pen in hand sitting just across from me. The only sound she makes is the scritch-scratch of her pencil as she forms shape and shade. 

Farm boy J has wood work on his mind. He prefers a spot on the floor or the table in the other room...sometimes he likes his distance from all this female activity.

   Busy minds and busy hands keeping our focus on giving more than receiving. We ponder who would love this or that...where this item would best find a home... and savor the moments of togetherness has we share time with busy hands all around.

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