Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back to the Prairie: Cold Winter Night


   Chill creeps across the floor causing my toes to wiggle in my thick woolen socks. Clothed in my soft flannel nightgown, I slip into bed. There I am greeted by crisp cool sheets and layers of warm blankets. The coolness of the pillow against my cheek give me a chill as I click off the little lamp that rests over the top of the head board.
   There in the darkness wind howls low and slow outside the window; moonlight filters through gauzy curtains. A branch waves, casting shadows across the room. Softly a little meow is heard; Buffy has come to share her warmth on this cold winter night.
   She snuggles close; her purr brings comfort in the cold. My eyes close as my mind wanders. Grain waves in a prairie wind and sunshine warms the grass beneath bare feet. Cattle graze in the distance and the combine hums in the field. I draw in a deep breath, longing for my warm wide prairie.
   There in the darkness beneath layers of quilts I snuggle close to Buffy. Together we dream of warmth and wonder on a cold winter night.

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