Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to the Prairie: A Tale of Two Cats

   In the big farmhouse live two cats; two cats that are the same, but different. They are both have creamy brown fur and green eyes. Both are Siamese 'if you please'. They look so very much alike, however, they are very different.
    Buffy is calm and extremely gentle in nature. She loves to brush against your leg and purr loudly seeking a bit of affection from anyone who will give it. Buffy would rather curl up in your lap than run through the house or chase toys. Gentle and timid, she and I are special friends...we snuggle up together at bedtime to keep each other safe and warm.
   Serena is not calm nor is she gentle. Serena is a wild and rather naughty cat. Sneaky little kitty she is, she likes to hide in dark corners surprising you with a hiss and a nasty scratch. When Grandma tries to pet or hold her, Serena howls and wriggles trying desperately to get away; she hates snuggles and purring. Sometimes she chases Buffy through the house screeching and hissing. Serena is so pretty to look at, but we are not special friends.
   Year after year, the two Siamese cats live and play in the big farmhouse; their mischief a great topic of amusement. The antics and activities of Buffy and Serena will always be part of the prairie....part of me.

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