Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Little Trip

   Every month we take a little trip to one of my favorite places....Producers Coop. Now, I dislike shopping in ways completely unexplainable, but my monthly trip to the feed store....well, it is just plain magical!

   The hour and a half drive gives me and one traveling teen companion ample time for tunes, treats, and talks. We have our traditional 'stop spots' where fizzy drinks are purchases (along with necessary 'breaks')'s a great time to just be together.

   The parking lot lends the comforting sights of wood, fence, hay bales and loading docks. Trucks and trailers lined in rows as rough and tumble cowboys and ranchers await their feed orders. Friendly nods and waves are shared by people of similar walks of life greet each other here in a place of commonness.

   Right inside the door the noise of 'barn talk' greets us as beautifully handcrafted saddles stand in rank luring us to brush our fingers over them and breathe deep the scent of leather and oil. Flanking either side are shelves in great rows filled with every water, feeder, scoop and tool you could ever need or want.

   Bits and bridles, yolks and lariats...ooh, the glittering goodies that stir the longing for stalls and muck! We linger; gazing and dreaming over the creative thoughts such visions stir.

   Then there is the home wares. We longingly gaze at the warm and comforting western table setting; imagining it in one of their future homes. Doesn't this just breathe contentment and welcome? My girl's think so.

   Then, there is my favorite spot; the one that sends tingles down my spine and brings unexplainable happiness...the seeds bins. Row upon row of colorful, purposeful seeds; heirlooms, open-pollinated, hybrids..all just right for our 'zone'.

   Opening the little lid, my fingers wiggle in the delight of SEEDS. The hope and promise of growth and life; productivity and pollination. I never leave without at least one packet of delightful seeds...and the price; sold by the dip or the can't do better (unless you collect your own- and I'm working on that).
   Then, there is the conversations. Here at the seeds there is always a conversation where another gardener and I share the wonders and plight of the growing and gardening soul. Sprouting and pairings, soil amendments and mulch..we tackle the big issues and walk away with thoughts to ponder as we go.

  Then, there's the garden plant area. My goodness! Next to seeds, plants are my favorite. Rows of rough wooden tables and benches set on loose gravel hold herbs and vegetables, flowers and 'bushes'...all manner of 'good for this area' plantings. Joy!
   Walking through the beauty of green life I brush my hand over the leaves Lord, I want to take them home. to give them all a place to grow.. faithfully He replies Not all, not now...only some this time. Nature and I commune with God and find the ones meant for the plot of earth He has given me. 

   After visiting the big wood counter..making the purchases and ordering our feed's time to drive over to the loading dock. The warm aroma of fresh mixed feed greets us as we near the big metal building..towers and troughs loom over us where the feed travels from train to silo to bag to me.
   Strong, courteous young men haul bag after bag to our trucks; their blue work shirts, rugged denim wear and scuffed work boots remind me of the strong working men in my life. We check the count, the weight distribution of the order in our truck and then, it's time to go.

   Homeward bound the trip starts again. Once again, we have our little stops..different ones this time. An antique shop here, the fried cheese sticks there...that garden center with the amazing greenhouses..our home routine is just as unique and precious as the teen driving with me.

   This particular trip was a rare one; no teens, just my husband and me. We talked of fences and follies, thinning the herd and expanding the flock. No little stops along the way, that's not his style, but unique just like he is. We shared peanut butter crackers and bottled well water from home; listened to music and tried to find the game on the radio. We spent time together as a couple, a farm couple...bonding and building together as we took a little trip.


Michelle said...

Sounds like a great time. I wish we had a feed store like that. The pictures of the seed bins had me drooling.

Simply Scaife Family said...

We always have a great time when we go..and the seed bins are my absolute favorite of anywhere!