Monday, January 16, 2012

Of Seeds & Things

   The time is upon us southern gardeners..the time of seeds and things. Inventory is taken and replacements hare been made; plans are scratched out over coffee and kitty paw prints (my cats love hanging out in the greenhouse with me),

   Not only are plans made, but seeds are set in trays. The warm greenhouse keeps them comfy and cozy as we wait for them: tomatoes & peppers, cole crops and kale.

   We are making a huge dent in the delicious tomatoes and greens harvest both in our garden and in our greenhouse: lettuce & chard, kale & spinach..fresh tomatoes, too.

   Big garden rows hold salad fixings, cabbages, broccoli and greens. Now onions, lettuce, carrots with second plantings of existing plants take up residence in empty space nearby. Pea trellises are rising to the occasion as seeds are nestled in the rich soil.

   After a few weeks of sick teenagers it has been such a wonderful gift to spend my afternoons brushing aside the mulch and digging deep into healthy dark soil; tucking seeds here and there, nestling onion sets in place. I love the scent of freshly turned soil! Now, if other people appreciated the look of dirt under my nails as much as I do.


Michelle said...

It's not time for us to start seeds for our garden. But I can't wait! I have my plans down pat for the new season.

Clint Baker said...

I like the bread tray idea!