Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting a New Year

   Yes, it has happened..a new year. Our weekend was spent with teens all together around the table and in all the was a crowded but fun weekend.

   A beautiful filet project has been started by Jen. Her hands work diligently with fine thread to create such beautiful them!

   Nik has been down with pneumonia..lots of healthy soups and yogurt for her. She is starting to perk up now; so grateful the antibiotics are working!

   The farm boy had a milder respiratory infection but nothing keeps him down long. His days are filled with trick bikes and stake boards..when he isn't on the mats (martial arts are his life :)).

   With the head of the house home there has been plenty of rowdy rumbles, crazy antics and some excellent game time with the teens..full enjoyment of his time off! It will be sad to see him return to work tomorrow.

   I am spending a little time in my 'nest'..nearly completing four new prairie dolls for the shop and desperately trying to finish the quilting on Nik's star quilt. It was pushed aside during the holidays. Some much needed attention was given to it when moments of quiet found me.

   Such a blessing to find family gathered 'round for food and fun when staring a new year. Have a blessed beginning!

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Michelle said...

My new year started by going to work. But I have the rest of the week off. I can't wait to get into my quilt room. That sounds like a great way to start the new year. Happy new beginning's.