Monday, January 2, 2012

Checking our Focus

   Standing together in her beautiful new house, a woman and I were talking. The conversation consisted of desires and dilemmas; furnishings and family, grievances over weight loss (or rather, lack of it)..things I guess we all ponder. As I listened to her concerns my mind wandered back over the years.
   I recall the words of wisdom given to me many years ago when my heart was heavy with the 'have-nots'. Focus on what you have..not what you have not. Simple enough, it seems, yet so hard to actually do. You see, sometimes I struggle with my own lifestyle, the size of my family, the season of my weight or the decor of my home. Sometimes I feel insufficient in comparison to others who seem to have it all and have it all together. Times like those, well, they are times when my heart is out of focus and my soul is discontent.
   In such a place as this, when discontent pulls at my being, I have to stop and focus on what I have. I have a beautiful family full of rare and unique treasures valuable beyond all means. I have a body blessed with health and energy able to function in the manner it was made to. I have a husband faithful in love and provision who graciously allows me to lead a life of family and farm. I have a home filled with love and grace; a sanctuary from the world..a place of rest. I have my God and Savior...need I say more.
   Sharing this truth with others often brings odd can I be content? Because I am greatly blessed..I deserve none of these things..not one of them. It is by the grace of God He chose to allow me this life, this family, this amazing grace...He never owed me a thing and I realize it. I must choose to focus on what I have..not what I have not.
   To focus on what I have means to purposefully set my sights on doing the best with what I have been given, not setting my sights on acquiring more. I need to raise the family I am given to the best of my God-given ability and let it grow as and if it is intended. I need to focus on being a complement and blessing to my husband and not try to change him instead. I need to keep my home well cleaning, organizing and making the best of what I have..not fretting over what desires I think I need.
   This conversation has led me to start this new year with a grateful heart and a determined spirit. This year, I want to be content with the gracious blessings I have received and a good steward of my time. This year I am determined to focus on what I have...and make the best of it!


Michelle said...

I enjoyed reading your post. We all sometimes forget how blessed we are.

Aliene said...

We are blessed, indeed. I have been reading your post and enjoying it.
Stop by and visit me.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you ladies..we are very blessed indeed.

dr momi said...

Well said....