Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back to the Prairie: New Arrivals

   Patches of leftover snow dot the soggy prairie soil forcing the continued use of shoes. The trek down to the barn is filled with the unique sounds only prairie mud and rubber boots can make. No one is watching; full liberty to splish-splosh and swoosh into every single puddle and patch, giggling all the way.
   Nearing the barn the kitties venture from their cozy hideaways to scavenge the land. I lose myself in the wonder at their fickle attempts to avoid getting muddy; tiny paws held up trying to flick away every spot of mud and puddle. The sound of grandpa's tires on the gravel stir my attention; a new excitement is to be shared!
   His familiar greeting calls to me you up for all day? causing me to rush to his side. There we meet together near the barn door where the old fence is just right to climb up on. Sloppy boots steady on a rail, gloved hands hold the top one tight; I lean over as far as I can. Together we watch.
   Little tails swishing; wet noses are sniffing...there are new arrivals on the farm. Venturing near us, soft brown eyes so gentle and sweet look cautiously; tiny hooves make tiny prints in the soft earth. Stretching further my ungloved hand rubs the warm fur; cream and clay colors decorate their bodies. A rough tough finds ringers to lick causing a burst of giggles to escape; startled he runs away.
   Grandpa's blue eyes sparkle as a smile graces his weather worn face; he loves new calves as much as I do. Together there we watch their wandering and whining as they get to know the land. A warm comfort fills my soul as I close my eyes and stretch my face toward the soft spring sun breathing deep the familiar scent; feed and fur, fodder and hay. Hope for the upcoming year is sparked when there are new arrivals on the farm.


Clint Baker said...

Well put.

momto8 said...

wow...what a fun place to be!! My kids would love to see the miracles that happen on a farm!