Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day Like This....

   Such a cold, uncaring place. Random 'art' tries to hide sterile walls that box me in. Uncaring eyes never make contact as dull monotone works tell news no one want to hear; the scent of disinfectant assaults the senses. I am in a place I don't want to be for reasons I don't want to have; on a day like this....
    ...the parking lot is so big; the car so far away. Surroundings fade from sight as my heart longs for home. People take no notice of each other..I wonder if they too are disheartened by their visit here. The drive goes on and on on a day like this.
   Breathing slows to a calmer pace as harsh city streets become winding roads lined with trees. Muscles seem less tense; familiar sights sooth the worry of a day like this.
   The old farm gate closes behind me; Hadassah barks with enthusiasm leaping for joy. Doc's brae is hearty and strong..he will pace the fence until a carrot and a rub are produced. The Lil'Nips heard runs 'round the barn to welcome me...oh, the comforts of a day like this.
   Shut away from the harshness of today, family gathers at the table. News is shared and love is present...here on the farm...on a day like this.

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Clint Baker said...

That's good stuff, we need to learn to just slow down!