Sunday, March 25, 2012

Equipping: Between You and I

   Relationships are a day by day, minute by minute part of our lives. We have families, neighbors, co-workers and friends which come into contact with us several times throughout the day. Every so often those relationships run into a snag, and when that happens we need to be able to get through it.
   In my married life I have come across those 'between you and I' moments; those conflicts that just seem to splinter a relationship..and if left unresolved, can fracture our hearts. Many years ago a some wonderful wise words were shared with me regarding 'between you and I' moments that can occur not only in a marriage, but in any relationship conflict.
* Check your heart. Time and time again it has proven true in my life; if my relationship with others is struggling, most often my relationship with God is struggling. Repair the damaged spiritual problem and the other will be easier to mend.

* Say it then pray it. Nagging and arguing are counterproductive and solve nothing. Expressing my hurt or concern needs to be done (hopefully in as calm a manner as possible), but then, I have to place it in God's hand. Once I say it, then the only time I need to say it again is in prayer.

* Remember you are both sinners. I am a sinner saved by grace and important to my heavenly Father, as is my husband, child, friend, etc. They deserve my forgiveness and forbearance, too.

  These days I find myself reminding my teens of this valuable information. Their lives are expanding and relationships are being formed that will be practice grounds for their adult lives. I am ever so thankful for the wonderful woman who shared her wisdom with me equipping me for those moments 'between you and I'.

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Clint Baker said...

Amen to "Remember you are both sinners. I am a sinner saved by grace", well to all of it but that especially!