Sunday, March 4, 2012

Working the Fence

   Fences are a huge part of a farm life; vital to our existence. It seems there is always one going up or one on the mend and in the time spent there, there are so many things you can notice about a fence.

..a fence can keep out of keep in
..a fence must be well built to do its job soon as one sees a fence they must test the fence
..loose fences will not stand up to testing
..once the fence stands up to a testing the tester will most likely 'work the fence'
..a worked fence will become slack
..a slack fence must be repaired or it will yield to the will of the one 'working the fence'

   Let's spend some time inspecting our fences and reinforcing the weak areas in the effort to protect those housed inside. Today I am praying for those 'working the fence' that God might strengthen us and guide our hearts to contentment within the fold.


Clint Baker said...

Satan stands on the outside of our fence ready to devour, to kill, steal and destroy all of Gods children. We also need to cover the backs of the rest of the flock with prayer and be watchful!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Absolutely true, Mr Baker...thank you.