Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Things a Dog Will Do

   As the day started, coffee brewed, chores were done, and a strange sound seemed to linger about the kitchen. Standing there trying to identify the strange racket, farm boy came into the house and announced his find: it was Hadassah, or more like what Hadassah had.
   It seems our girl had caught a locus- in her mouth- between her teeth- unharmed. She was simply walking around the back step, holding the locus as it made a rowdy buzzing racket. When we went out to her and asked what she had, she let it go and then hopped up and caught it again...between her teeth, unharmed.

   All in all, she never harmed the scared little creature...only played with it. I guess all the work we have been doing training her to catch or herd the livestock gently without harming them carried over to the little locus. Funny, isn't it, the things a dog will do.

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Spider said...

Simply amazing. A dog showing compassion for a bug is news to me. My pit bull spends his nights eating June bugs on the front porch. He'd never harm a human, unless said human was being violent towards one of the girls, but he's not too fond of bugs...