Monday, May 21, 2012

Through the Garden Gate

    Today, while passing through the garden gate I was greeted by beautiful butterflies and happy bees searching the colorful blossoms for sweet nectar and pollen. Pausing for a moment, their activity brings such a feeling of joy..and of my own need to get busy!
   In the herb garden, blooms are abundant and fragrance is strong. My feet brush the tender plants causing them to release their treasured oils; a deep breath..ah. I gathered catnip and mint, basil and sage for drying today.
   The corn is coming up nicely; beans are companion planted here and melons are popping up at the end of the rows. Farm boy and I are mulching this field today with composted coop shavings/manure. Right now I am trying to assess whether there are enough soaker hoses to place along the rows..there doesn't appear to be.
   Tomatoes, green beans, sunflowers and squash are busting from the bushes..along with the pests that plague them. Daily gatherings require a five gallon bucket as well as a large wash tub- and a careful awareness of what may be hiding among the foliage.
   This tiny little frog leaped from the leaves onto my foot and...well, let's just say, I was showing off moves never seen before. He scared me half to death! Poor cute thing; bet I scared him too.

 Cucumbers, peppers, and baby okra plants are thirsty in the dry, hot days. With the weeding done, this weeks barn muck will become the mulch in this part of the garden. After picking this plot, pickles need to be well as some salsa!
 The goats are calling me- they are sure death will some swiftly if I don't hurry to them and see what is the matter. Farm boy has finished his breakfast and gathered the shovels. My coffee is done; harvesting complete...better start the days work...passing once again, through the garden gate.

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