Sunday, June 24, 2012

Conversation in the Stairway

The stairs are a challenge; this day more so than the last.
Apology is made for the pace..
and the needed point of rest.
The situation is not foreign to me, but sharing the story..
I always hesitate...what will she think.

As doubt and excuse start to form in my mind
my heart steps in..she will be fine.
Here on the stairway
sharing with this one
my own child's story of struggle;
of pain and surgery,
of therapy and braces.
Here unfolds the reality of frustrations
and the glory of victories.
A nod from his head at every point they share in common.

At last heading down the hall
a pause of reflection.
He turns to me in deep contemplation
revealing a smile that must melt the very heart of God..
she is a lifeguard.
With that revelation
his fists raise in victory...
I knew I could do anything!
Sometimes the sharing of our deepest trials
is all that is needed
to touch the heart of another..
even in a simple conversation
in the stairway.

1 comment:

J.E. Traweek said...

She is a godly daughter, too!