Sunday, July 8, 2012

Changes I am Making

   Since my diagnosis with ovarian cysts and endometriosis many changes have come to my daily life; parts of my routine had to change. Let me just say..change and I are not doesn't work well for me and it sure doesn't come easy...necessary, yes..but easy, no. Never the less, change has come..
   *Medically- I have seen more doctors and had more tests run in the past seven months than I have had my entire life, and never have I been on any form of medical treatment..but I am now. The current schedule is meds for three months then tests and check up to determine whether to maintain this routine or return to the appointment every two weeks routine.
   *Physically- Pain and I have never been on close terms, but now it is part of my life. Instead of being defeated by it, it is time to learn to work with it, around it, and through it. My approach to pain is 'less is best'..step 1: rest, step 2: rest and heat pad, step 3: over the counter pain relief, step 4: prescription pain meds...and, of course, always try to determine if this was preventable (did a certain activity bring the pain).
   *Spiritually- It took some time for my soul to find peace in these circumstances. God brought me to this and I have to let Him bring me through it. I went through the anger and got me no where..finding peace with my situation was a process that never ends.
   *Nutritionally- Our bodies need certain things in abundance and other things in moderation..and some things it doesn't need at all. Through prayer, seeking, and reading I have come to some nutritional goals to better help my body function and to discourage my cysts from growing. (Sharing those in depth tomorrow)
   *Aerobically- Returning to an exercise routine after surgery was grueling..but it had to be done. Circuit training, kickboxing and high intensity cardio work now rotate through my life.
   *Focus- If I spend my time focused on my diagnosis then it rules my life. Instead, my goal is to focus on my priorities: relationships, farming, quilting, and being. When my energy is up and my pain is down I need to embrace those days and make them count..then, when the rough days come, it lessens the blow.

   Here is where it starts..the goals, the habits, the intention to move forward and face things one day at a time. Prayerfully through these things my heart will learn, my family will be strengthened, and my testimony will be strong...for no matter what my situation..His strength is made perfect in my weakness.


Clint Baker said...

You are always being lifted up in prayer by the Baker family! My God continue to draw you closer and give you peace and strength!

J.E. Traweek said...

You are such an encouragement for ANYONE "going through" something like this. I am in my 7th year since a stroke, and am continually amazed at the Lord. If I do my part, He ALWAYS does HIS! I keep looking for healing "right around the corner"; God has no limits and no boundaries. Keep looking up, sister, for your healing draws nigh. Creekside praying for you, too! Have a blessed week!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you both so very much for your prayers and support..may God bless you in return.