Monday, July 9, 2012

Nourishing Changes

   Facing the reality of ovarian cysts, uterine tumors, and endometriosis forced me to look long and hard at the habits I had formed in the kitchen. For the most part, my family eats what we grow..but, processed and sugar laden foods had crept in and were taking up residence.
   My first step was research; what are others saying about these problems and diet? The internet is full of articles, chat rooms, and medical sights discussing the relationship of hormones to diet..which seems to be a large basis for the diagnosis I received. After months of reading, writing, and prayer..I have 'picked the meat and spit out the bones' so to speak...bringing together some nourishing changes.

1. Eat according to God's plan. If we look to the book of Leviticus, God was very specific about His plan for our eating. Plant life, animal life, fats and grasses were given by Him for us..and some were not. We may be free to eat whatever we want, but that may not be best for us.
2. Eat without tainting. In as much as possible the goal is to not consume food that is genetically altered or treated with hormones. This has brought to us the challenge of red meats..we grow our own poultry, dairy, veggies and some fruits, but red meat is an issue. This year we are increasing out meat herd (goat) and testing the water with goat meat.
3. Limit the inflammation. Several resources maintain that grains, gluten, soy, and sugar feed not only inflammation in the body, but feed the cysts/tumors and encourage their growth. I know it is not realistic for me to completely remove these items (grain and sugar) from my diet..but I can limit them and consume them in their most natural, whole form..i.e, honey, wheat, oats.
4. Hydrate well. I love my coffee, but realize there must be balance. Herbal teas, naturally flavored waters, and straight up water are top priority in hydration. Proper hydration flushes the cells and encourages healthy cell growth.
5. In all things pray. My health and my life are not in my hands, but I am called to be a good steward of what I have been given.

   By no means do I feel that eating a certain way will miraculously cure all my problems, but it will help my body to be stronger and better ready to face what may come. After only a few weeks of following this plan my pain is more tolerable, my energy is better, and my moods are greatly improved.
   What about setbacks? They are going to happen..accept that and move on. My daughter's birthday brought snacks and cake to the table..yes, I had some. The next morning I made my clean sweep smoothie, drank plenty of water, and got back on track.
   Where do I look?

   Books I read:
What the Bible Says about Healthy Living: Three Biblical Principles That Will Change Your Diet and Improve Your Health

Eat Well, Live Well


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