Monday, July 16, 2012

So, We Tried Something New.....

   In the daily boredom of everyday meals, sometimes I like to throw a surprise..and boy, was this one a surprise.
   We love wraps; leftover meats and veggies rolled up in a flat bread, dipped in tasty sauces or dressings. Herein lies the surprise...spring roll wrappers.
   If you are not familiar with spring roll wrappers let me share: they are made of rice flour and starch, paper thin, and..well, different. On one particular afternoon, I gathered roast chicken and leftover salad to go into my spring roll wrappers. Following directions found online, I dipped the wrapper into water and ever so carefully patted it on a tea towel before filling it..not too full.
   With pride and joy I placed a plate full of these pretty see through rolls in front of my starving teens and the reactions were...priceless.
   Teen #1: the mere sight of the see through wraps sent her into 'no way no how' land. Tasting it was not an option.
   Teen #2: excitement at the sight of these healthy rolls (we had seen them on a cooking show)..until she picked it up. Seems the texture of the 'wet and clammy' roll reminded her of 'dead people skin'. It took a lot of coaxing to get her to taste it...and then she equated it to the feeling of a 'hunk of skin on the roof of your mouth after you burn it on hot soup'..ok.
   Teen #3: could care less what it looked like, slid right passed the texture, and scoffed two down without even swallowing. His only comment was it took too long..apparently he was starving to death.
   My husband: shook his head and left the kitchen. He later made an egg sandwich when I wasn't looking.
   Myself: well, I liked them. Fun and different..not too heavy and no heat required..I like them.

   So, will we do this again? Most likely this will be a lunch that is either eaten when I am home alone or eaten with teen #3 when I have prepared ahead and made it before he is 'near death'.

   What about you? Have you tried spring roll wraps? What reactions did you get?


Anonymous said...

that looks GOOD!


Keli Martin said...

Oh my goodness, this just made me laugh! We have done spring rolls and the kids did like them ... although they aren't teenagers yet LOL! Dead people skin ... I'll be chuckling over that one for the rest of the week hahaha!

Becky said...

Hahaha - Teen #3 had such a typical boy response. Only having girls, I kind of forget sometimes what boys will eat. I will stand by the fact that girls can eat every bit as much as boys can - especially if there aren't any boys around to see them, but they are a bit pickier about what they eat. Growing up though, I was convinced that my brothers (I had no sisters) would eat anything that sat still long enough. The up side was that they were perfectly willing to eat anything I experimented with, so nothing went to waste. :)

Simply Scaife Family said...

Ah, you ladies are so much fun! I read yesterday that you can lightly bake them..seems silly to, but..
I love reading your thoughts and stories!!
And, yes, my boys will eat anything!!

dr momi said...

I truly was laughing out loud! "Dead people skin" Oh my goodness! I've never had spring rolls and now I'm not sure I want to. LOL!

J.E. Traweek said...

I am so jealous! I once had a Vietnamese family living with me and they would have spring rolls once a week! I miss them (and their food!) so much.
You may have used too much water, but it DOES NOT taste like dead people's skin.
Check out HEB...when I hanker for them, I buy 'em there. VERY GOOD!
And they are good for you:all you put in them is nutritious!
Also, we sometimes wrapped the finished product in a bib lettuce or Romaine leaf: no more dead skin taste! ENJOY!

Simply Scaife Family said...

I have to admit..when I read over the blog post to edit it..I was laughing so hard my hubby had to come peek over my shoulder to see what on earth was going on.