Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Working on Wednesday....

Here in the middle of the week we are working on:
 Garden produce: picking, putting up, and cleaning out. Weeds are waging a nasty war..so thankful for the tiller my husband has been walking up and down the paths.
A quilt: ironing, cutting and making it all work out. This week, patterns are sorted and set with their fabric motif in preparation for cutting. Hopefully today I can arrange for some quality time with this project.
This is my wind down project: in hand when soothing and setting of nerves is needed. Today, no doubt, nerves will need settling.
Last on my list: some farmhouse cheddar. My husband put together a new cheese press..today we set up a test run!

What's on your agenda today?


Missy said...

We dug a 50 ft row of our Kennabec potatoes. Came out to about 30 lbs. Had baked potatoes, fresh tomatoes and Lamb's Quarter for dinner. YUM! Now to figure out Supper.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Missy, that sounds amazing!