Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today We Made: Mayonnaise

   Mayonnaise; one of those basic kitchen ingredients. Sometimes it's a condiment; sometimes an ingredient. We use it in dips, cakes, on sandwiches and as a base for salad dressings. Having strolled through the isles of our local 'stupor-markets' and seen the atrocities placed in the most basic of foods we decided to take a leap of faith...we made our own.
   So, according to All Recipes..the basic recipe is:
 1 cup of light olive oil
1 egg yolk
the juice of 1 lemon
pinch of salt
    The basic process is:
Combine the egg and the lemon juice, whisking to mix.
While continuously whisking the mixture, slowly stream in the olive oil until all is added in.
The mixture should emulsify into a think consistency.
   The reality is:
Whisking by hand will kill you (or give you carpal tunnel).
Using an immersion blender will melt the skin off your hand and cause your thumbs to never properly function (that little motor gets HOT).
A blender works better:)
When they say slowly they mean mind numbingly will be bored..kill time with your Ipod.
Mine was not 'stiff' but rather like pudding.
It tasted really, we like it.

Will we do it again..of course..and next time, we take turns burning the motor out of the stick blender:)
What about you? Have you ever made you own mayonnaise?
Does the thought of raw egg concern you?


Anonymous said...

I have had homemade, but I never made it, not sure what it even taste's like anymore, but have been thinking about making long does it last?

Keli Martin said...

We have made it and will never turn back! We use our blender. The recipe is in my Country-Style Mennonite Cookbook by Esther Shank. Love that cookbook!

Becky said...

I've made it, but I used the blender. I wouldn't want to even use my hand-held mixer or immersion blender. It just takes too long to pour that oil in - I'd much rather use the blender. I've heard you can do it in a food processor too, but I've not tried to do that.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Mitzi, my reading suggests no more than a week (two at the latest)for storing home made mayo.
Keli, that book sounds wonderful..I love cookbooks!
Becky, the blender sounds so much better than the immersion one..definitely trying that next time.
Thank you all for sharing:)

Missy said...

We use a blender. I keep it up to 2 weeks but no more so make sure you date it! I don't worry about raw eggs because we only use the freshest eggs from our chickens. You can also use vinegar if you don't have lemon juice. I refuse to buy mayo from the store. It's also better to have your ingredients at room temperature.