Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yesterday was filled with...... schedules..and since my favorite lifeguard was on duty..I decided to spend some time swimming:) Our hot summer temperatures are best tolerated in a pool.
 Peppers...lots of peppers..our plants are bursting with growth..and heat! Instead of canning we decided to dry is a much cooler project.
Love the mix of color and size pretty hanging there among the cast iron.
We made tortillas and spicy roast chicken..toppings included:
tasty roasted tomatoes with garlic and peppers...
fresh soft goat cheese...
avocados and greens.
The best thing of all..
 we made apple pie...
topped with ice cream..
and caramel sauce..
 I have to go..leftovers are calling me.


Hibiscus House said...

Sounds like a mighty fine day was had!

J.E. Traweek said...

Cannot believe you did not call me over!
I would have saved you from those leftovers!
Jennie's birthday this weekend?