Thursday, August 30, 2012

All Through the Day ....

The wind blew in gusts stirring dust clouds across the pastures. Tropical storm Isaac had very little effect on our weather...but then again, it did knock the humidity down a bit. We are battling nasty sinus issues. Needless to say, tissue boxes are at every work station and healthy lunches are on the menu. Even the older teens carried salads and snacks with them today.
Lessons came and went; papers graded..corrections made. Farm boy and I are working the kinks out of the new school routine. Strange how it is to work at it..just us two..but we are adjusting.
These two crazy babies have decided that life is better with their head in the fence. We can no more than un-stick their little noggins than they push it right back through. I can sure pick them, can't I? Yet, their habit is not the worst. Two of our older goats discovered fence jumping..and the tasty grass growing in our neighbor's yard. Anyone else thinking barbeque?
Quilting and I are struggling to make peace. Stretching beyond my comfort zone is never pleasant and this quilt is taking me to the limit. I find short bouts at the machine throughout the day are better than long sessions in frustrated meticulousness. 
Oh, by the way..there is something tasty on the stove. Tune in tomorrow for this spicy recipe!


Leigh said...

I love the idea of salad in a jar. Brilliant! Sorry you all have been sick though.

I read somewhere that to break a goat from jumping, take a forked stick and tie it around the jumpers neck so that their head is in the y, and the stem hangs down. Apparently when they rear up to jump, the stick knocks them in the chest and they change their minds. I don't know if that works! My problem has been mini kids that go under the gates and through the cattle panels.

Simply Scaife Family said...

That is an amazing plan..we will definitely try this. My goat kids tend to squeeze under as well some times.
Thank you for sharing this advice!