Tuesday, August 28, 2012


   During a recent swim with my farm boy, a very public conversation crossed our path. A young girl, her boyfriend, and her younger girl friend were sitting near us chatting. It was their conversation that broke my heart.

younger friend: What is the best way to have sex and not get pregnant?
young girl: Well, you don't want to mess up your skin...
boyfriend: You don't want to get fat either. My sister started taking the pill and she got real fat.
younger friend: No way do I want my skin all nasty or to get all fat..way too many girls take that path., but condoms seem so gross.
boyfriend: That is not the way to go. Condoms take the fun out of it..it makes it so un-natural. Use the morning after pill.
young girl: I do that..but, you have to be careful because you are only allowed to get one every so many months..doctors keep track. So, you have your fun all you want in between..then when your time limit is up, just call a clinic and say you need one. They call it in and you're good for another several months.
boyfriend: That is the best. No nasty skin, no fat and no un-natural sex. You just have to keep track of how often you get it and who you have called. It's really easy.

   Sadly, I know this young girl. My heart was so deeply broken by this conversation. Two older teens giving this advice to a younger youth. Where did they learn this? Would this break their parents' hearts?
   My teens and I have talked this situation over several times since that day; it was at their urging I share it with you. Do we really know what our children believe or understand about birth control or the morning after pill? Are they equipped to handle a conversation such as this? What would you or your teen say if a younger youth asked them this question?
   This is not to judge..not to belittle or demean..but to spark us to think...to discuss. Have that conversation .. open the door to discussion. It could have been one of my teens..it could have been one of yours.
  I commit this day to pray for our youth and the influences they face on a daily basis. Will you join me?   


Michelle said...

This is a sad story.Unfortunately in this day and age it is probably very common. Kids are growing up to fast and losing so much of they innocents .

Keli Martin said...

My heart breaks alongside yours Michele.

Anonymous said...

BUT if a pregnancy happens, abortion generally considered and sought, girl suffers physically, emotionally, and spritually for a very long time. Boy departs so often. God forgives but the scars are there in body, soul and spirit. Keep yourself pure for marriage. Wouldn't you want your spouse to be to do the same?