Thursday, August 23, 2012

How the Garden Goes

   Peppers. Right now, the garden grows peppers..five gallon bucketfuls every two days. You may be asking who in their right mind grows that many peppers..I never said I was in my right, anyway. My evenings have been weeding and picking the peppers (and attempting to sneak a bagful into any and every passing vehicle). You've been warned!
   Herbs are still healthy and thriving. Many have flowered bringing beautiful butterflies and busy bees to our happy little garden. Odd little fact: our herb garden is our 'front yard'..when the herbs and roses are in full growth our house front looks overgrown and somewhat neglected. Occasionally visitors have commented on our un-kept home front. How funny is that?
   Tomatoes. Well, it's August..which means all out war with stink bugs, heat, I said, it's August. Our Juliet cherry tomatoes and yellow pears are still producing, while the other plants may produce but rot before they ripen. We are cleaning the beds, pruning the plants, laying them down and mulching over them heavily. Some will die out..some will regrow. We'll see.
  The rest of the plants have been yanked up and feed to the herd..along with the mass of weeds..and grasshoppers..and rotten tomatoes..;/ Our efforts right now are soil amending a.k.a. spreading the poo (stalls and coops are being cleaned!). Leaves are being cast for mulch..deep and heavy to keep weeds from popping up.
   Our plan: corn, squash, beans in this weekend...if the rain permits..boy we need the rain!
   Right now, however, I am trying to find a home for the peppers. If I can any more of them my shelves are going to collapse!
   How is your garden going right now?



Keli Martin said...

Oh how I WISH we could grow peppers like that! I plant some every year and each year am disappointed at how measly they are *pout* It doesn't matter if I'm growing hot peppers or sweet. They have just never done well in my gardens. I am hoping that with some changes we are making to our growing practices we will be able to improve our chances at actually getting a good bumper crop of peppers.

Makes me want to go on a road trip just to see if I can catch some with my van! Hahaha.

Simply Scaife Family said...

I find they need heat..dry.. miserable.. heat. My peppers don't start coming in like this until it gets down south summer hot. Not sure if that helps you.
But I would be glad to slip a five gallon bucketful in your car!!

Keli Martin said...

We're in NW Ohio ... been dry but not too hot lately :-/ Could be that we're just too far north to expect huge crops?

J.E. Traweek said...

Feast or famine; you gotta love it!
Have a great weekend!

Simply Scaife Family said...

True, Judy.
Keli..that may be. In Kansas we grew bell peppers but I do not recall there being any bumper crops of them...and never any hot peppers. If you know your county extension office you might give them a call.

Becky said...

We're pulling in lots of peppers too. I left the cayennes on as long as I could, but as soon as I picked a bunch for canning homemade Rotel, the bushes went to flower again, so now we've got a whole lot more. We've also gotten boat loads of okra. We are slowing on tomatoes and just about finished with cukes, and we harvested the potatoes. Only 20lbs of them this year, but I'll take what I can get. We're starting to get in plenty of carrots now too. I've been pretty excited about that since I've not had the best of luck with them in the past.

marble mantels said...

pls share how was your experience with corn, squash, beans this weekend? Was there rain recently?

- Herman Swan

Simply Scaife Family said...

We had minimal spots of rain the past few days..our soil is still very dry.
I am not sure if you are referring to planting corn, squash and beans all together? If so..we love this process. The corn was very productive this past season as was the beans..squash was plagued by stink bugs and did not produce as long as we had hoped.
This past weekend we planted corn, squash and beans again for fall. I am having to water them, though, and hoping rain comes soon.
I hope this answers your question..if not, please feel free to ask again.