Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wednesday What's Up

   This week has already been full of work, wonder and busy, busy things. Morning chores bring delicious milk to the kitchen; fresh yogurt and soft cheeses have been culturing.
   A tasty batch of Chevre finds it's way to home made breads and whole grain crackers..perfect snacks after a morning of cleaning stalls.
   Afternoons find me at the cutting table; press, measure, stack..trying to get the project on the right track. All of the main blocks are cut and ready to piece..still to do are the applique and border cuttings.
   The garden is still producing peppers, okra, cherry tomatoes and watermelons. Heat, dry, and pests are causing a drastic halt to many of our earlier crops.
   Later in the day we are spending a little time getting to know our new boys. The lighter colored buck (Mathias) is not convinced we won't eat him.
   Leonidas is warming up a bit. He likes to be scratched right between the horns..and, of course, to eat right out of your hand.
   The rest of the herd are absolutely disgusted; no valid reason for us to bring more pasture pals home for them to share with.
   It seems that things are just plain busy. Home school books are piling up on the table..spontaneous trips to the lake and the pool are being launched as much as possible..college books are arriving daily at my gate (Doc ensures no man enters..no man.).
   Amid it all we are trying to spend as much wonderful time together as we can.
   What are you squeezing into your day today?


Becky said...

More cleaning and reorganizing. The sewing/school room is almost done. Catching up on the mending and trying to get everything ready to start schooling next week. Plus keeping up with the garden. Freezing the tomatoes we have picked right now, until we get enough to make a batch of barbeque sauce, and we have more okra to blanch and freeze. Thank goodness the girls are back from their visit with Mom to help with all the work. :)

Simply Scaife Family said...

Sounds like you homestead is hopping busy right now!

Missy said...

Canned another 14 pints of corn for a total of 30 pints this week. Getting ready to can Lamb's Quarter tomorrow or Friday. Dried zucchini and yellow crookneck for chips. The kids love them. Should have enough tomatoes to can soon and will be drying basil, parsley and sage.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Zucchini and yellow squash chips sound really tasty!