Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Start of Another 4H Year

   The month of August winds its way along our minds turn not only to school but also to 4H. We peruse patterns and idea books looking for ideas as project leaders start to make plans. Meetings will be starting's time to jump on board!
   We have been an active 4H family since our oldest farm girl was old enough to attend meetings (my younger ones started as Clover Kids). Over the many years of our participation many wonderful projects, parents, and leaders have crossed our paths enriching our lives along they way.
   If you are considering 4H for your family, the process and possibilities can be somewhat overwhelming. I admit, my first trip to the extension office left me with my head spinning..however, after sitting down with my kids, and the web sight that explained the projects and their objectives..we developed a plan.
Waiting for our turn to show our hard work.

   As we start to plan our 4H year, I ask my kids to list three to five project choices and what sparked their interest in the area. From here, each child looks over the project information, requirements, and meeting schedule.
   Now, I admit, some projects were not optional here in our home. Each child has been asked to give at least one year in projects that directly relate to our homestead, i.e, poultry, goats, home economics, and citizenship are a few. After a year, they have the option to continue it or move to their own area of interest.
   The fair..not all projects in 4H are part of the county fair, for example, Food & Nutrition has it's own competition, and Citizenship is based on the study of our local government. There are projects which are self directed like Sports Fishing or Small Engine Repair; a parent may purchase or check out the curriculum and work through it with the child.
Turkeys, turkeys, turkeys.
   Does it take time? Yes, but doesn't everything. Does it cost? Yes, but very little when compared to many extra curricular activities. Does it really make a difference? Absolutely, we have learned so much from the people that entered our lives over the many projects and activities participated in.
Shotgun team practice.
   The question is, will you be starting 4H this year?
End of the year..beginning of another.


Dicky Bird said...

Yes, you are so true. I'm the current president of our county's leader's federation. We have been in 4-H for 15 years. My girls have benefited so much from our experiences. Taking trips to Washington D.C., Georgia, summer camps, special project events, fairs, just so much; most of which is very affordable. 4-H is a family club - not just your kid's join - I LOVE it! Blessings from Wisconsin.

Simply Scaife Family said...

That is wonderful! Thank you for sharing..I love the amazing projects and sense of community that can be found:)