Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fun Finds Friday

Let's do something new; share five fun finds from our week. This week I opt to share five fun pins from Pinterest. 

Butternut squash fries
First off, butternut squash neat is that?  We actually made these last night and all I can say is 'yum'! Try it, you will like it. One variation..we used creole seasoning to flavor one tray..super awesome! View this pin here.
Next, we have aquaponics..fascinating. Farm boy and I have been reading up on this..could be an awesome project here in our future..who knows. It will have to wait until the peppers stop invading our lives. View this pin here.
Camp Wander: How to Deep Water Tomato Plants

Then there is this great tip on direct watering tomato crops. Many years ago an older woman shared with me how her husband grew tomatoes with a pipe buried next to them for direct root watering. I have never tried it, but after last years extreme has crossed my mind. This pin sparked that notion again.
Finding this pin gave me an intense craving for a new garden path. It did not spark that kind of longing in my husband when he saw it.'s so pretty..and we do have fallen trees.
Free embroidery patterns
Finally, some pins are just for fun..and free embroidery patterns are fun. This image brings me warm romantic notions of afternoons with my hens. Notice I said 'romantic notions' because afternoons with my hens are this. View pin here.

There you have it. Five fun Friday finds straight from Pinterest..that wonderful wicked place of inspiration and whimsy. What fun are you finding today?


Keli Martin said...

I love that you're doing this! Fun to see what people really like. Pinterest is so inspiring, isn't it?

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thanks, Keli. I love the inspiration and creativity shared there..makes me jump up from my chair and go stir up a few projects:)