Friday, September 7, 2012

This Time We...

   Some of you may remember the wacky spring roll lunch day we had a while back. Well, the farm boy and I were home alone..there were a ton of those spring roll wrappers in the, we decided to make them again.
   Bits of leftover meat, shredded carrot, ribbons of spinach were spritzed with lime juice before being wrapped in near-see-through goodness, however, this time we baked them. A gentle brush of olive oil before crisping in a warm oven left a tasty evening meal...'soy' sauce for dipping (we don't use soy, but Bragg's Liquid Aminos).
   While the farm boy and I loved the baked ones just as much as the non baked ones, the rest of the family was none to thrilled when they saw the leftovers. Our Jen will never get passed the mental block of 'dead people skin'...even cooked and slightly crisped 'dead people skin'. This noted, by husband decided they shall form this day forth be deemed "zombie rolls"...and served with 'blood orange dripping sauce'. Ruthless, this family of mine.
   Even stuffing those bad boys with apples and cinnamon did not persuade them to cross over to the dark side for a late nite bite. Seems Jen had to spend some time with sheep brains at college today, so to her the apple version was simply 'brains wrapped in dead people skin'. Can't win, can we?
  So with absolutely no shame, the farm boy and I growled and snarled our way through the leftovers in front of all the naysayers ... juicy sauce dripping down our chins .. broccoli between our teeth. Apple rolls were devoured without hesitation ..chased down with pomegranate tea (for effect). My husband simply laughed and encouraged me to 'sell them to the preppers'...Nik shook her head and left us along..but Jen..well..
   I'm not sure she will ever be the same.



Michelle said...

Cute post

Keli Martin said...

Seriously laughing out loud! Way too funny!

J.E. Traweek said...

Is Jen watching "Twilight" or some other vampire movies????????????