Monday, September 3, 2012

The Never-ending-ness...

   There is a never-ending-ness; a constant of busy things. Yet, fulfillment is found in the little parts; nestling a seed deep withing rich soil, nuzzling the softness of a donkey's nose, the delicate nibble of a goat's kiss. Peaceful joy I gain when looking across the land to see my family busy nearby; each of us purposeful in our place.
   We had the rare treat of all being home together for a whole day; no work, no college, no classes..just home. Together- such a special thing these days. Our hands were found in the kitchen, in the garden, in the barn...all around..and all together..working through the never-ending-ness of homestead life.
   The grill was lit and filled with tasty things as we gathered together to celebrate the never-ending-ness; growing and changing, working and learning, bending and flexing with the seasons of life. Together we talked and shared our planting and pulling, mucking and watering...creating and dreaming..all the parts that are never-ending.
   Day-ending found us pondering tomorrow; and the next day, and the one after. Looking forward at the never-ending-ness of it all...their goals and desires..and the comfort in those things which remain constant. In our home many things will change, and yet, many things will be found in the 'never-ending-ness'.
We hope you had a safe and happy Labor Day!

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