Tuesday, September 4, 2012


   Over my many years of mothering some very specific phrases have become routine in our home. If you asked my teens what I might say in various situations they could quote me word for word .. tone and inflection included.

1. "Own it." Basically, the point here is - you made a choice, admit it and face the consequences that come. 
2. "On task." Here is my - get your attention - phrase (i.e. for teens - put your phone down and work).
3. "Focus, focus, focus." This means - you know the answer/how to do this - put your mind to it and drop the excuses.
4. "Don't drive like a nut." ..the long version is..keep the music down, eyes on the road, phone in the purse, watch your speed, keep an eye out for weirdo's. 
5. "You're gonna miss this." My little reminder that you may roll your eyes now, but someday this will be a memory and you will long for it.
6. "Hey, we're still married." When they groan about mom and dad huggin' and a kissin' I remind them not all teens are blessed with both parents in the home. 
7. "Because I love you." In the midst of a heated meeting of the minds, we all need reminded that these battles happen out of love.

   Time and time again they come into our day; the little phrases that seem so small but mean so much. The funny part is, one day, some of these will be there phrases, too. I am going to love that, but for now..I'll just enjoy driving them nuts for a little while longer.



Becky said...

I think the one I use that holds the record for driving them nuts is my go to response for when they say something's not fair. It's, "Life's not fair. Part of a Mother's job is to acquaint you with that fact."
They dislike the phrase so much, they've practically quite saying that things aren't fair, which was really my desire all along.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Excellent one! I have to remember that!!

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

I love this post....all things we as parents have said to our kids and we hope they are actually listening!

futurehope said...

those are so great!!!

my little guy is only 2 now, so I don't use many of those yet, but I will have to keep them in mind!

I love the "own it" one!!