Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Growing: Pods & Roots

   The first task of September is getting the fall beans nestled in the soil. Hearty 'drying beans' need to get going quick..they won't like the chill. Green beans, or snap beans, seem to be resilient, growing and producing with great vigor..yet, they too need to get going before the soil cools. We set two large rows of snap beans for fall this year, but with abundant stores of dry beans from a previous crop..none were planted this time.
   Roots are important, but slow crops that make their appearance throughout the fall season. Carrots are one of the first planted..and the slowest to develop. I allot quite a few rows to intensive planted seeds. Smaller fingerlings and a few hearty longs are excellent, but do try my patience as I tend to loose hope in them just before they make their first tiny appearance.
   Beets, turnips and radish are not overly loved by the family, but are tolerated fairly well. Extras end up treats for the herds and flocks. This year has a small plot of beets and an even smaller set of turnips, we had way too many of them this spring.
   The potato, well..when they grow, oh how they grow; when they fail..they fail big. I hardly bother with potatoes; each year that I tried they were either negligible or non-existent. This year I just didn't bother, besides, we don't eat them often.
   Onions tend to be a huge factor in our garden; we use them in nearly every dish. My onions are planted as soon as sets arrive at the seed store..and I plant them between every row of cole crops and leaf crops. They were planted just today:)
   With pods and roots tucked in and covered, the next task is transplanting the cole crops..see you in the greenhouse tomorrow.
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Michelle said...

I need to get my fall and winter garden in. I have been a little lazy. Time to give myself a kick in the butt to get started.

Dicky Bird said...

With the short growing season by me, I never thought about a Fall garden - good ideas.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you ladies..and's your virtual kick in the butt:) Just kidding. Even the simplest garden is a blessing.