Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Growing: Leafy Greens

   The fall garden is a wonderful time for lots and lots of tasty greens. With winter viruses and germs, nutrient packed greens are a vital part of our nutrition plan. Tender butter crunch lettuces nestle near the rows of mescalin mix and spinach. Our tender greens are planted near the remaining summer tomatoes and between the onions in their place.
   Along with the tender, leafy greens we also plant plenty of hearty greens..kale and chard are favorites. Deep in color and full of antioxidants, these greens are beautiful and functional. Siberian kale fills the rows where beans were planted this summer and Swiss chard is intermingled with Rainbow chard in beds where the turnips grew. Wonderful sprouts are already peeking through..I can't wait to harvest tender little baby leaves for saute!
   Mustard greens, red clover, and some collards are grown as a green mulch between the rows of our back garden plot. Nourishing the soil, preventing erosion are their purpose. Trimmings will be fed to hungry poultry and milk producing goats.
   Once the greens show their beautiful shapely leaves, we take a little time to propagate herbs from the herb garden. That's on the agenda for tomorrow!


Michelle said...

We grow spinach, and bib lettuce every years. I am planning on trying to grow peas as well this year.

Karen said...

I wish I lived where I could have a garden to grow things like this! Your greens look so pretty :)

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thanks to both of you for your visit. I have some peas in the ground, but I rarely have success with them (think it's our wild temperatures).