Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fun Finds: Family Time

   The disconnectedness of the modern family is heartbreaking and painful; but it doesn't have to be. I have always loved gathering my little ones (or, now, big ones) together, all hands in, and spending time. Be it a project, play, or a simple setting family time does not have to be expensive or burdensome. This week's Fun Finds Friday focuses on family time.
♥ this...LOTS OF PAGES! 
When my children were small, we often pulled every thing off the coffee table..spread paper over..and dumped the crayon box on it. Sometimes it was free form and creative, and sometimes it was coloring sheets. Free Kid's Coloring Crafts has some wonderful 'simply farm style' printables just right for a simple family time.
This small Tupperware container is perfect so the kids can still "roll" dice without losing them. 
As the children grew, so did the focus of our time together. One excellent event we did regularly was a game night. If your house is like mine, little game pieces tended to end up in the strangest places (and to be found by a foot later on that evening). Cardigans and Curriculum   shares a nifty tip for keeping all those little bits in place.
Homemade Kettle Corn -- In the Microwave! 
All this family fun stirs up quite a snacky appetite, but keeping things frugal and healthy can be quite a challenge. Frugal Homemaking has a great share: kettle corn. A few simple on hand ingredients and there you go!
These days my kids are quite grown; college, senior, and a sophomore. Their class/work schedules make family time a much more precious..and difficult to plan..thing. Now days we plan a big cooking day for hearty family meals like this lasagne or these  enchiladas. Sometimes it is canning or planting..even a fence mending day..but those all need a hearty meal to end it, right? 

   The how of family time is not what is is that it happens..that we are together..that memories are made and bonds are formed. My most treasured memories of home are not expensive vacations or elaborate is the day to day circle of hands that warms my heart and keeps me longing. That is the family time I desired for my home..and the one we wish for yours.  

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