Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lies We Believe

   In the midst of many I sat back..just watching: disconnected adults, aimless and unconcerned..unguided children with no sense of direction..people existing with little or no purpose. The more I travel outside my little homestead, the more reality starts to grieve me...we are a people who believe the lies.

1. Disciple means spanking.
....Discipline, by definition, means training that molds character. To discipline our children, and ourselves, means to train/teach in such a manner we mold the character..the person. When we train, we show our heart values enough to invest.
2. Spanking teaches violence.
....Growing up, I received my fair share of spankings..never once did they stir a violent response in me, instead there was a realization that my actions brought others. This realization grew a desire not to hurt or cause pain to others.
3. Work is wrong..they are too young.
....Work gives a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Growing up a farm girl, work was a part of my every day life..and a part of my discipline. We worked side by side productively and toward a common goal; a bond was built that could come by no other means. I never recall my grandparents spanking me, but they did believe in working an issue out. When my attitude or behavior was out of line..extra work was given.
4.  It will be fine..they are just babies.
.....Nothing burns me more than this. Left to ourselves we are all prone to selfish wickedness. Failure to teach and nurture our young ones..or to discipline just plain laziness and it will heap ruin. Our lives long for investment and growth..for purpose and value.

   Oh, there are more..the list seems endless. My point is, why have we decided not to invest the time? Is it not easier to practice self control than to break bad habits? Are disciplined children not more pleasant to be around? The next generation is worth it..they are precious..I pray we will open our eyes and put to death these lies we believe.


a8383 said...

Said perfectly! Angela

Hibiscus House said...

Sad but true. I see it quite often, worry and wonder what the future holds. Thanks for saying what others think.

Becky said...

My cousin's wife is one that doesn't believe in spanking. We've had numerous discussions on this because most family dinners are held at my house, and their child has huge behavioral problems. I've done my best to assure her that spanking does not induce a child to violence, and that her method of trying to come up with a different manner of correcting each behavioral problem (because each one is different and requires a creative solution) is probably more inclined to frustrate her child because there is no consistency and stability. The child never knows what to expect, and has learned that she can manipulate her mother by even greater forms of misbehavior. It's very sad and frustrating to watch, so I'm sure it's that much harder to live with it all.

Karen said...

I agree. You are so right!

Michelle said...

I so agree.