Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fun Finds: For the Garden

   After a full week of garden focused work (and play), it seems only fitting to seek out some really fun finds from the big old web. Let's take a peek at a few really fun things for the garden.
Inexpensive Mini Greenhouses - Brilliant! 
   I didn't always have a greenhouse, but that never stopped me from starting seeds myself. I have tried several different methods, but by far the most practical method has been this  one shared on the Garden Web forum. The storage tubs can easily be used and stored away in the shed until next season.
I didn’t know that if your crush them finely or into a powder they can be used in more ways.   Almost 98% of the eggshell is calcium carbonate, which is important to fast growing plants such as tomatoes, because the plant depletes the surrounding soil of calcium which is important to cell growth in the plant.
   We have plenty of egg shells available year round..generally I feed them to the hens or compost them. After reading this article from Homemade Simply I have decided to set a few aside for feeding my garden plants. On hand natural fertilizers are always better than having to buy them!
Growing Sweet Potato Slips 
   Personally, I have only grown sweet potatoes once..and it didn't make a great impression. That particular year became a heavy rain season and most of them rotted..wasting my investment..and ruining my personal outlook on sweet potato growing. Alas, there is hope..maybe if I try this handy method from Off Grid on Lee's Ridge I could be persuaded to try again.
 Making Your Own Chipotle Peppers From Jalapeno's 
   Having had an explosive pepper season this year, I am totally game for any uses for them (other than pickling and relishes). Old World Garden Farms shares this awesome tutorial for making Chipolte peppers from your jalapeno harvest. Sounds yummy to me, of course, I will have to get over my fear of the smoker..long story..don't ask.

   All that inspiration has me itched to get back out there and grow some more!

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Lisa said...

I love gardening too! Thanks for all the great tips and links.