Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Growing: Herb Propagation

   Approaching cooler temperatures bring the herbal garden back to life after the stress of summer heat. Plants revive their beautiful colors, and, if pinched back some, will fill out and thrive. This presents a perfect time for propagating some cuttings for wintering in the greenhouse.
   Tender stalk plants such as mints and basils are easily rooted by placing cuttings in water. Once roots form, I add a bit of soil to acclimate the roots. It doesn't take long for these plants to be ready for planting.

   Plants with a bit more strength to their stalk such as thyme, oregano, and tarragon I propagate by division. They're root base is healthy and tends to spread, so digging up a bit doesn't seem to cause much stress.
   The woody stalks of plants such as rosemary and tea tree pose a deeper challenge. Cuttings taken from the underside of the bush are set in water for a day or two before being dipped in root hormone and placed in soil. Much fussing and nurturing is required, yet, even then results vary. Sometimes it is just as well to buy additional plants..but, I love to torture myself with such challenges.

   Our fall garden is pretty well tucked in and sprouting up and the greenhouse is filling with cuttings and trimmings. Now we wait for those first tender harvests and the challenge to waste none at all. With planting complete, weeding, amending, feeding and maintenance begin. Tomorrow we share some garden style fun finds from all over the web!


Michelle said...

I wish my garden was completely done. Hopefully by tomorrow if I am lucky.

Dicky Bird said...

My herb garden is very overgrown. I think after reading this, I should go out and cut it back and clean it up. Thanks for the inspiration.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Oh man, I disdain cleaning the garden whet it gets overgrown..Good luck!