Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christ in Christmas: Ornament Make-Over

I haven't started trimming the tree or setting the lights outside. No, this past week has been riddled with plenty of seasonal foods; well repairs kept us eating leftovers much longer than we intended. As soon as my system sparks back into 'go' mode I plan to pull some boxes and sort out the decor.  
   Every year we seek to find ways to keep our Savior front and center in our home- even more so during the holidays. We have a very creative family..which leads to some wonderful ornament make overs. A few years back we were seeking to find frugal and fun way so spark new life in old we broke out the paint and glitter, gathered our hands and hearts around the table...the result was so worth it!
   One morning Bible searching brought us to the names used in reference to our Savior: Messiah, Prince of Peace, Bread of Life, etc. With a good list going, we headed to the ornament bin for the shiny glass balls and to the craft cabinet for silver and gold paint pens. Each member of the family chose several names of Christ, decorated a ball with that name, and shared the information about it. One of our youth studied a bit of Hebrew that particular year, so her ornaments also have the Hebrew characters written on them!
   Again this year we will sit before the tree in precious remembering as we pull the ornaments out of their box. The names written on each one will be lovingly read as conversation sparks precious memories of sharing the joy of the season. Once again this year, our tree will lovingly hold the beautiful names of Christ and family memories.

   To make your own "Names of Christ" tree ornaments you will need:

    1 box of colored balls
    paint pens..we used silver and gold
    some of the names of Christ used in the Bible 


     *We have used various balls over the years. Any size works, but medium balls were easiest to work with.
     *I painted the names on apples one year..also beautiful!
     For help with the names here are two links:


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That is a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing this and reminding us.