Monday, November 26, 2012

The Prairie Point Star Ornament

    This week we are focusing on crafty preparations for tree trimming. Let me admit..I am not a theme based tree decorator. There are blessed sweet souls who love to chose a theme for their beloved trees and make them absolutely perfectly trimmed..I'm not one of them. For me, a tree is a symbol of us..natural and changing with each passing year. It holds memories and hand-mades..bits and pieces of things that make up our lives.
    This year needed a activity that pieces our family together..and with teens growing up and moving on..I need some together! Being a quilter, the quilted star ornament caught me eye..the 'no sew' aspect caught the rest of the family's eye.
   So, with the well being repaired by the guys, the teen girls and I set up for an afternoon of ornament making. One was the fabric coordinator, I cut the pieces, and the other gathered pins and foam to piece them together. We laughed, we shared .. we missed running water..and made some beautiful decorations.
   The Prairie Point Star is not my original pattern or idea..I found several wonderful tutorials for them on various Pinterest boards. If you would like to make one, here are the two links I used the most while making my ornaments.

Growing Home

   Happy crafting!


Gail @ said...

I used to make these quilted stars. I never knew they were called Prairie Point. They were popular in the 80's as pot holders and wall hangings in embroidery hoops. I never made one into an ornament, but yours look lovely.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Hi Gail, One video I saw for making the ornaments called it a 'Prairie Point Star", but most of them just say"no sew ornament'. I like the name 'Prairie Point' better. Thank you for stopping by!

Kathleen said...

I love these ornaments. I've made them a number of times for gifts and still need to make one for the hope chest. Maybe this is the year. I also used to make them at Easter time on foam eggs. They were pretty as well.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Kathleen, I would love to see how you use them on foam eggs..sounds beautiful.