Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fun Finds: For the Home

   This week has been a jimble-jamble of what-nots somewhat disconnected in finding a 'theme' for this week's fun finds was a bit of a challenge. In the end, my thoughts came toward home- mine in a bit of a jumble right now. This week, my web wandering sent me daydreaming of a home clean, organized and pleasantly fragrant.

Curtain Call 
As a girl, there was a yellow 'dressing table' in my room; a reclaimed piece of furniture we painted and fixed up. It had a gathered ruffle 'skirt' to hide all the stuff I often tucked underneath. When I saw this picture it stirred my memory of that nifty little table. For this and more "Fast Fabric Facelifts" hop over to Better Homes & Garden's web sight.

It's the little things! 
When my children were small and those seasons of sick hit our home, keeping track of medication dosing was always a challenge. I often taped a hand made chart to a cabinet for easy record keeping, but when I saw this nifty notion at "Inspire, Design, and Create" I knew someone had finally found a solution. A little chalkboard paint easily makes a spot for record keeping or little lovey notes..don't you agree?
Make Reusable Swiffer Covers 
I admit- once upon a long time ago I tried the quicky sticky version of cleaning; hated it. Wasteful and not overly effective, there is really no fast solution to clean..yet, this idea gives new life to an old 'fail'. "Dollar Store Crafts" offers a great tutorial for re-usable cleaning it!
 DIY Naturally Scented All-Purpose Cleaners. 4 varieties using vinegar, citrus, herbs, & spices. Printable tags, too! 
The aromas of home can be, well, less than pleasant...but commercial air fresheners are costly and full of chemicals- not at all good for the home. Over at The Yummy Life I found an excellent DIY all-purpose cleaner/air fresher..easy of the bank account and very easy on the home. Vinegars steeped with citrus and/or herbs lend such variety; very good for the home.

   So much inspiration, if only there was more time for it all. Here I sit mind full, energy empty..sometimes we have the desire, but just not the ambition. Maybe the urge will hit me after a cup of coffee (and a little more browsing)..we'll see.

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