Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Fullness of Home..Even When It's Empty

   The seasons of a home are prone to change such as the seasons outside our door. Over the past few years our home has gone from a full and busy home to an empty busy home. I find myself at odds with this situation and in desperation to change it, but is that what is best? The answer is hard to find, illusive thing that it is. It seems the right thing is not to change the situation, but to learn to live within it.
   An afternoon stroll with a steaming cup of coffee drew my heart to deep and diverse places. Breathing deep the autumn air, it came to me..the realization that my home is still full..even when it is empty. It is full of anticipation..baking cookies and stocking the pantry with their favorite eats brings fullness as we anticipate the moments they are stay or to visit. It is full of remembrance..seeing a backpack in the study, or a stock dropped on the stairs brings fullness of their presence even when they are not here. It is full of return..for they are never far from us, and as long as the lines are open..communication is still there. It is full of they stretch and explore their path my prayers come deep from within my soul and stretch to heaven..herein is a fullness that brings peace and contentment.
   Not all fullness comes from the presence of the family, for fullness is also found in the hearty growth of fall crops. Carrying my buckets back to the farmhouse filled with every good and hearty thing brings fullness of joy and accomplishment. My brooder house if full with little peeps whose antics cause laughter to rise..such curiosities and conundrums entertain and fulfill. Sitting in the pasture as the sun sets, the herd comes to nibble and rub bringing a tender fullness..a respect for their purpose and being. In the quiet of nite fullness is found in home and rest; calmly breathing in the fullness of a day and its work.
   Despite the empty that is so often found, it seems my home is full and will remain so as long as I purpose to look for it.


Michelle said...

Your handling the empty nest so much better then me. You let me see that my house can still be full. Thanks

Dicky Bird said...

Love this post. As I approach a totally empty nest, I've been trying to think on the possitive side of this stage like you are doing. The good Lord knows if I don't do this...I could become very sad. Blessings from Wisconsin.

Mama Pea said...

As the stages of our children's lives change, so change the stages of our lives. Your post made me think of words I read long ago which go something like this: We are never (never, ever, ever!) too old to experience something for the first time . . . the first time to hold a grandchild, to have time for ourselves, to begin a new adventure, to learn more than you ever thought you could, to appreciate the here and now of our lives.

Simply Scaife Family said...

You are each such an encouragement to me. I found it so heartbreaking as the first one left home; now another will go soon..and the other won't be far behind. There are still days for me when sadness grips and pulls me down, but God is gracious and always shows me the way back up. Thank you, each one, for sharing blessed me!

Kathleen said...

Lovely post Michele - I often grieve for my boys who are grown and gone from home. Sometimes I think that is why I pour so much of my energy into Abigail, because she so soon will be gone and I didn't realize before how much I would miss my children. I'm pondering what you have said. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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