Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fun Finds Friday: Caramels

This week we are taking the sweet ride through the versatile goodness know as caramel, and the web is full of wonderful blogs sharing their tasty renditions. If you can't decide between caramel bites or a jar full for drizzling, House and Hone shares their Amish Caramel recipe here; best of both worlds, I'd say.
If salty sweets are your personal love, then hop over to Not so Humble Pie for their Fleur de sel Caramel recipe; here. Salty fleur de sel brings a sharp contrast to their creamy butter caramels..looks so tasty!
salted chocolate caramels
Caramels can only get better when paired with rich chocolate, right? Over at Smitten Kitchen there is a wonderful post- quite fun and insightful- concerning a cosmic quest for divine chocolate caramel. The recipe, here, looks quite promising..I must try this one for holiday sharing:)
For those who like their caramel a little on the tipsy side, Doughmesstic has a naughty caramel recipe inspired by a tour of the Jim Bean Distillery. Tipsy and tasty caramel covered in chocolate and dusted with salt...this recipe is quite inspiring.
   This week's trip through caramel land has been oh so sweet and naughty and so delicious..hope you had as much fun as we did!

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