Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fun Finds: The Kid's Table

   Thanksgiving gatherings vary from house to house, yet, most of us share a commonality- the kids' table. I recall my own blessed days of servitude; the card table set off to the side..folding chairs and all. As the oldest, it was my assignment to keep the kids' table in order; plated and drinks filled...fellow sentenced souls entertained so that the adults could chat without interruption.
   My own days of hosting Thanksgiving gave me an opportunity to tweak the kids' table to suit my style. Crafty and inviting- our kid's table was always stocked with activity and close by the adults to keep us all together. Having searched the web, today I share my favorite kids' table ideas..many of which mirror my own.
 activities for kids 15 Crafts: A Thanksgiving For Kids    
My farmstead kids' table theme has always been 'keep it simple'..and you can't get more simple than crayons. Over at Tip Junkie there is a simple napkin holder made of just raffia gently tied around a warm cranberry color napkin and a few seasonal colors crayons. 
Another simple tip I have always implemented was a plain paper table cover; a perfect canvas for coloring and very easy to clean up. Over at All Things Heart and Home tassels are added for a little flair..hop on over..she has some beautiful decor (love her pine cone garland).
  Thanksgiving Crafts  
One thing we really strive for is an attitude of gratitude. To stir those thoughts we made a paper tree to tape on the wall..and fall colored leaf cut outs were where we wrote our thankfulness ideas. Here we have one from a Pinterest board creatively placed on a cork message board using children's hands for thankful leaves. Now that saves the paint on the wall, doesn't it?
thanksgiving crafts to make   
In the end, kids always finish their plates way before the adults are ready for dessert. A little simple sweet treat works really well..and Holiday Crafts and Creations simple pastry bags pair with raffia and your favorite candies for a pretty and tasty treat.

   We all praise the day when we graduate from the kids' table and move on toward the privilege of adult fellowship, but with a little consideration and a few moments of our time the kids' table can be a pleasant and seat. Since I am not hosting a holiday gathering with any small children..the kids' table will be absent from my set up...but oh the day when grandbabies grace my door...then..the kids' table will return with wonder and fun!

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