Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pondering the Path

    It's so easy, isn't it? To let the 'holiday crazy' sneak into your mindset and terrorize your home. I refuse to go there...flat refuse. Commercial images of fat turkeys and perfectly pristine homes decorated with expensive non-necessities make me sick. We have forgotten what is important...what the purpose is..and, it's sad.
   While clipping hooves this week I pondered the traditions of my family over the years...the gatherings and preparings of Thanksgiving days. They were never elaborate or overdone...stressful, well, yes...but not overloaded with 'stuff'. Food and family...friends and fun..where has it gone?

   I am determined, once again, to tune the focus of my heart this once again reclaim the attitude of gratitude so desperately missing from our hearts and minds. This cannot be done with fancy decor or elaborate, that isn't where it's through the togetherness of preparation and the peace of gatherings.
   When my house was full of smaller children we set our month of November to learning about our heritage; the pilgrims, their plight, our family lineage, the natives and God's provision. Our activities focused on gratitude..reviewing the graces we had been given and praying for those in need. Meals were shared with family...decorations were simple, often handmade, focusing our hearts on being thankful..on being who we are.
   Those children turned to teens when I wasn't looking. Their minds are so busy with education and no longer lives at to shift their focus is a get them all home at the same time is a challenge. Our conversations lately show their distaste for the 'commercial craze'..I'm so grateful...and leaning more toward a desire for simplicity. Asking to hear that story one more time...sharing memories of the 'little things' we use to do.
   Our thanksgiving plans will be a simple ones. Family gathered; no elaborate decor, no fancy 'picture perfect' gourmet meal. It will be a sharing of tradition, a time of remembrance, a gathering bustle around the kitchen with busy hands preparing favored sit with family chatting and remember the past and the togethers from then to now.
   My heart craves the simpler path...the way of those long ago whose focus was on the graces of God and His merciful provision. It will not be easy..the world will not allow that..but we will set our heart to pondering of a better path.


Michelle said...

I agree. For me it's my family and the blessing we have been given

Jen said...

Great Post! I agree totally. I am all about simple and most of all FAMILY.