Sunday, December 30, 2012

Challenge Accepted

   It became increasingly obvious to me that my farm boy was very sick: 1..He lay on the couch without pestering me even once 2..He wasn't devouring everything in sight.  3. He skipped the gym. At that, I felt a bit of panic..the boy was sick.
   With illness comes blankets and soup; icy pops and hot tea..and TV. We aren't much on TV, but when you are down with a bug it offers up some distraction...and for an active teen boy..distraction was necessary. In the run of the day a program was found featuring a shop in our state that served one pound cinnamon rolls.
    Needless to say cinnamon rolls are a farm boy favorite and no amount of illness would squelch the deep yearning for a one pound wonder. In a feverish delirium a challenge was made..could a simple farm mom manage such a feat? Challenge accepted.
      During some quilting my mind wandered over the many tasty recipes I have used for fluffy, gooey rolls and the way to wow my grumpy young patient. Deciding upon my Potato Roll recipe (found here), sleeves were rolled up, oven preheated...time to get floured.
      Basically, I made the recipe exactly the same..even rolling it out and slathering the dough with butter and cinnamon sugar. Then, instead of cutting the dough into rolls, I rolled some butter and cinnamon sugar onto the log before cutting it in half and coiling each one into giant cinnamon rolls..placed in two greased 9" round pans..and baked it 350 degrees for 30 minutes. The same buttery icing was made and slathered over the hot steamy wonders.
   The result..a cinnamon roll inside a cinnamon roll...buttery sticky sweet pile of awesome goodness. Did it weigh a pound? Who is a giant steaming sticky bun full of finger licking goodness..does it really matter? During a break from feverish grief, the farm boy took a healthy sampling. Not a word was said as he devoured it..licking fingers and forks.
   You may be wondering about the other one..well, my husband found it and made a nice dent in it. I do believe we have not seen the end of the giant cinnamon roll challenge. What about you? Feel like taking the one pound roll challenge? It does make a deliriously delicious New Year treat. 


Michelle said...

This recipe would save a lot of time. My family would love to wake up to this in the morning.

Dicky Bird said...

You are a good mama. It looks so good! Being back on weight watchers...I'm not up to the challenge yet...maybe after another 20.. :)

Simply Scaife Family said...

Michelle, it was a time saver and I was so relieved the center baked through was my concern. Hope you enjoy it.
Dicky Bird, good luck on you Weight Watchers..I plan to get back on track myself now that the holidays have passed.