Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Blessings

   The start of our new year was rather bumpy and wet..a sick teen, a sick goat and some grey cloudy rain..yet it was also one of many blessings. Evening brought improvement to the teen..his fever was down and he managed to eat; the goat was on her feet nibbling hay and nuzzling me; the weather, well at least it isn't drought conditions.
   As this new year starts off, let us take the time to recall the many amazing blessings we have had this past year. We have been blessed with good health, bountiful gardens and pastures, employment and education.. stayed out of debt and worked through difficult spiritual challenges. Friends have been made and new doors open. These things encourage us forward and keep us looking ahead.
   With a new year comes new beginnings and new adventures..I desire to grow in self-disciple as my children start moving on and my path changes. New skills are on my list for this year..master gardening and machine quilting classes are just around the corner as my heart desires to stretch my writing skills and delve into some new areas.
   In it all we are very blessed to share our lives with each of you. Your notes of encouragement and amazing posts of your own offer me a source of friendship and strength. Facing this new year, my prayer is for your homes..your lives to be filled with His abundant blessings and wonderful favor. God bless you today and throughout this amazing new year.


Michelle said...

I am glad to hear everybody is doing better. May God bless you and your family this coming year.

Dicky Bird said...

What a nice post. 2012 was full of blessings and challenges. I guess that is life. 2013 should be more of the same. Blessings to you home from mine.

Clint Baker said...

Happy New Year to you! May God Bless you more richly in 2013!

Simply Scaife Family said...

It has been a challenging year..and the next will most likely have plenty of challenges of its own..I am so glad we are able to share and encourage each other through the tough and the triumphant..Blessings friends!

Keli Martin said...

It truly has been an eventful year! May His presence and peace fill the coming year to you and your family, Michele!