Sunday, December 9, 2012

Season's Serving: Assisting the Assisted

   When my children were grade school age, a conversation crossed our table...what would be under Christ's Christmas tree? Such a question sparked new conversation year after year. The easy answer is He wants our heart. Yet, the question rises how do we give it to Him? As a family committed to putting our faith to our feet we have worked in some wonderful opportunities over the years for giving Him our hearts for Christmas.
   My husband is a pastor..and has been a pastor to the assisted living residents off and on for many years. One particular season, he was serving in a 'ward of the state' facility. This facility was heartbreaking and in great need. Spending Sunday after Sunday with the staff and residents, our hearts ran deep with compassion for the situation they faced. That year, we put our faith and love in action by hosting a drive for 'necessities'.     
   I never realized many facilities depend on donations or family members to provide incontinence care needs (Depends) for their residents. In a state run facility, supplies often run short leaving a desperate need. Every shopping trip we made, a box or two of 'necessities' were purchased. On an off day (a day during the week when we were not expected to be there) we made a discrete trip by to deliver our offering.
   Now, we also hand delivered cards and little gifts to the residents and hosted a Christmas singing for them..but the secret joy in our hearts was knowing a private need was being met..and that our young children shared in an offering of compassion. Year after year, even though we are no longer hosting services in this facility, our hearts are always blessed by the secret service of assisting the assisted.

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