Monday, December 10, 2012

Season's Serving: Give a Gift

In the day in and day out of things there often comes unique opportunities to share the love of Christ in ways that maybe only we can appreciate. My children have grown up in an agriculture rich, 4H environment that gave them a clear understanding of our relationship to our food. A desire to share that understanding and that gift came to light in the form of a goat. 
A year of county fair goat projects brought us to the World Vision  program. Here was an opportunity to send families in need the gift of sustainable living; a goat, some poultry or even the gift of water any where in the world. 
As our 4H project changed focus over the years, so did our choice of gift; one year a goat, one year some poultry, and so on. It has been a blessing to see my children's enthusiasm at the arrival of their gift catalog. Gathering around the table, we plot and plan the amount to spend and the gifts we can make; joy abounds no matter their age. 
Amazingly enough, this led us to year round sponsorship of children needing basic necessities, including education. We have been blessed to sponsor a child that out grew the program..and to take on a new one, just starting out. 
In a nation that has so much, I am proud and humbled to open the eyes and hearts of our family to the desperate needs of others.


Michelle said...

What a great idea. I haven't heard of this group. We give to the homeless as well as other groups. I will have to show this to my husband. Do you know how much ends up going to the organization. My husband won't give in less most of it go to them and not to high payed personal.

Clint Baker said...

That is a awesome idea to do!