Tuesday, January 22, 2013

As of Today..

   As of today I walked across the extension property after a long lecture on plant fungi to enjoy lunch with my fellow students. We nibbled and discussed methods for tolerating information overload...my phone was buzzed... home..she's out of class and home before me. From a quick lunch to a tour of the gardens we will intern...the day was bright and beautiful..perfect for such a walk...but my phone kept buzzing. My principle is generally to check it when not in class or engaged in conversation, but it just wouldn't stop going off. A quick glance....
   As of today my body froze in place, horrified at the news...there is a shooting at the college..where are the girls? The college, what time was it? Home, right? The are home..I think. God be there..be right there...
   As of today:
             students stood in horror at the sound of gunshots outside their classrooms
        parents panicked as messages flooded their phones
                responders held the hands of the wounded and comforted those in fear
     a mother received a message that stopped her heart and drove her to her knees
                        ...as of today, by God's grace, my students were not there
    As of today news later came to me the shooting was not at the campus my teens attend, but they had friends who were involved in the lock down..who were also safe. News media question student's safety and applaud the push to disarm the nation. My family grieves the downfall of humanity as victims are lost amid sensationalism and political garbage.
    As of today:
                as a family we do not support the disarming of American citizens
           nor do we condone the media frenzy created from such grievous events
                      we are blessed to have responders who stand in the line of fire to protect and serve
        prayer for those wounded and their families is where our focus should be
                        ...and as of today, it is only by God's divine hand my family was not directly a part of it
    No matter the reason or the motive for today's shooting..it is a tragic and devastating situation that should be taken seriously and not be neglected or glamorized.

     As of today it will be hard to see them drive out of the gate to their classes..but it will be much harder for others. My prayers go out to those afraid, those wounded, and those who's wounds are reopened at such news.


Dicky Bird said...

Thank God your family was safe. You are wise to see that "we are all in God's hands" He is in control. Unfortunately the media and political elites have forgotten. My prayers go out to the victims and families. Blessings from Wisconsin.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you, dear friend.