Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Child-like Wonder

   Today I worked through eight long hours of entomology..long because normally this is a six week course given to us in one day. Jam packed with information, identification and some wicked gnarly video footage I came home with information overload. While many of my classmates were grossed out and driven to nausea, I have to say my reaction was quite different.
   I marvel at the wonder of the inner workings of a microscopic the predatory nature of a mantis..the purpose of a phorid fly. Does the nervous system of a grasshopper not drive you to ponder the amazing intricate details God put in place? The irony of the fact lice have mites? Thrips only have one mandible yet are devastating to a rose garden. imagination cannot even fathom the amazing mind that put this order in place. Awe and fascination captivated me as the professor exclaimed again and again...Isn't that cool? Indeed!
    Sadly it is true, others do not share my child-like fascination..often shaking their head at my 'simple' ways, but how can you not see a seed transform from a dormant speck into a mighty photosynthesizing marvel? These courses are intense, and at times, difficult..but what keeps me pushing forward is the constant revelations of an amazing God through His glorious creation. Bees pollinating, plants that self-fertilize, caterpillars that transform into amazing butterflies..none other than God could place such detailed order.
    My ride home winds me down, giving me time to consider such things. Articulated exoskeletons are quite amazing when you realize they are the jointed legs of a cricket that make such beautiful sounds. Digesting such mountains of information leaves me sitting at the table chattering ninety to nothing at my poor husband in the few moments we have together before he heads to work.
    Now, in the quite of the night, images of tiny aphids and large walking sticks flicker in my mind. My head upon my pillow, all I can do is child-like wonder.



Dicky Bird said...

Sounds so interesting. God is an amazing creator. Thanks for sharing. Blessings from Wisconsin.

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